“Don’t give up and let the world go by you, and I know there are some times that it feels that way. Things will get better.” Crohn’s Support Editor, Susan Johnson states. Susan explains how people with Crohn’s often feel unmotivated and tired on the days that they aren’t feeling so well.

The first tip that Susan suggests is to stay busy. During the days that you don’t want to get out of bed, plan out small tasks that you can complete throughout the day. These small tasks can be anything from getting out of bed, making your bed, eating a meal, showering, or even vacuuming. Completing tasks will make you feel more productive and accomplished and you will start to feel better.

More ways that will help you get through your day, Susan suggests finding a hobby that you’re interested in. Maybe find a book to read, join a support group, talk to a friend, or even watch a movie. If you continue to have frequent bad days and you don’t see any improvement, try to reach out for help and talk to a therapist.

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