It’s important for people with Crohn’s disease to recognize their body and understand when something is good or when something isn’t right. Flare ups can happen for almost any reason but there is no exact proof as to what causes them. Flare ups can be triggered by many things, and for many people, certain foods are the reason.

The first symptoms of flare ups are usually abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and extreme exhaustion. These symptoms can mean that a flare up is beginning, or they can be warning signs for something more severe. Other additional symptoms during a resurgence include vomiting, incontinence, rectal bleeding and bloating.

There are many different foods that can cause flare ups. Foods that people with Crohn’s should stay away from are whole grains, brown rice, cereals that have fruit, nuts and a high amount of fiber, coconut oil, milk, nuts, fatty foods, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Nicotine and caffeine can also aggravate the bowel and trigger a flare up.

When these flare ups occur, there are many ways to manage the symptoms. Talk to your doctor and find out what treatments are best for you.

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