Ulcerative colitis is a long-term condition that causes the large intestine and rectum to be inflamed. This inflammation can also cause multiple skin conditions including rashes. Skin rashes can appear on someone with UC as a symptom from the condition or from their medication.

One of the most common skin issues for people with ulcerative colitis is erythema nodosum. Around 10 percent of people with UC can develop this skin problem. Erythema nodosum causes red tender nodules that appear on the arms and legs. The second most common skin condition for people with UC, is pyoderma gangrenosum. This rash starts as a cluster of blisters on the shins, ankles, and arms, and can continue to get worse if not properly treated.

Other skin problems such as acne or hives can also be linked to having ulcerative colitis. Hives can be from a reaction in the immune system. Both acne and hives can also be caused by certain medications.

These skin issues may also get worse during a flare up. The best way to manage skin issues during flares is to eat a balanced diet, keep the affected skin clean, and cover the affected area with bandages.

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