“I can’t eat anything anymore. I’m a freak.” Samantha’s husband stated when he was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. When he was first diagnosed over five years ago, he was given a long list of forbidden foods that he could never eat again. On the bright side, Samantha and her husband were able to come up with a list of foods that he can eat.

Samantha shares everything she learned while adjusting to her husband’s new diet, including grocery shopping, cooking, and eating out. When going food shopping, Samantha and her husband are always very careful about reading the ingredients and making sure that everything fits his diet.

The same rule applies to them when they cook at home. Samantha and her husband went through all of their recipe books and updated many of their recipes that included any inedible ingredients. Samantha states that when they go out to eat, her husband always specializes any dish that contains ingredients he cannot consume.

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