James Lang, M.D. shares his experience with Crohn’s disease. James explains how much the disease has affected almost every aspect of his life including his body, mind, and spirit. He states that throughout his 6-year journey, he has learned so much about God, about being a father, about doctors, about medicine, and how to cope with the chronic illness. James also wrote a book called ‘Learning Sickness’ that talks about how he lived through active Crohn’s disease for a year.

Towards the end of his book, James summarizes some of the most important lessons that he has learned. The first lesson is to accept the presence of the disease in your life. This lesson means that you shouldn’t put your life on hold and wait for a cure for Crohn’s. Instead, spread awareness and raise funds for a cure.

The last four lessons explain how it is important to be familiar with your body and understand what causes flare ups and what helps you stay in remission. They also state how you should educate yourself on the disease by reading as much as you can instead of relying on doctors and nurses. His last lesson talks about how you should share your story to yourself, to your friends and to your family.

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